Basar Martonggo

Basar Martonggo


  • Mac Pedari on 10 Februari 2021 08:07Balas

    Hi, I want to send my product from Jakarta to Los Angeles. Can Your company do that Door to Door?

    • Admin on 10 Februari 2021 09:42Balas

      Thanks for your question Our marketing will be contact you. ASAP

  • Christopher Terrasini on 17 Maret 2021 21:36Balas


    My name is Chris Terrasini and I’m the Vice President of Sales for DNA Supply Chain Solutions based in Miami, Florida. I am gaining multiple accounts here in the US with their factories in Indonesia, primarily Jakarta. I am looking for an agent that can assist me with these accounts. I am looking for reliability and to form a long term partnership that can grow both our businesses. If interested please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    • Admin on 18 Maret 2021 09:28Balas

      Hello, thanks for your offer. Our marketing will be contacting you.

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