Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines Transportation

Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines Transportation

Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines Transportation

One of the biggest challenges in the logistics industry is the transportation of medical supplies. There are so many logistics companies in the world but not many can handle pharmaceuticals and vaccines transportation.

Amid Covid-19 pandemic that has been going on for more than a year, the delivery of medical supplies and vaccines has become the biggest health event today. All countries need the vaccines as fast as possible to stop the virus transmission. And with a significant increase in vaccine demand, a reliable air transportation service provider is needed.

Efficient, Fast, Safe and Secure are top priorities for vaccines transportation. And when it comes to fast transportation, we are talking about air transportation which is our main business. In fact, our cornerstone is air cargo of which we are also an exclusive member of the World Air Cargo Association. For medical organizations and pharmaceutical, it is vital to work with experienced and trusted partners like Prima Logistics on their vaccine delivery project.

Why Prima Logistics is the right fit for your vaccine transportation?

We have been trusted by one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia, BIOFARMA to transport vaccines to various countries, mainly to Africa. With decades of experiences and our extensive global network, we sure know how to transport your vaccines. From temperature check, cold-chain vaccine packing and temperature control handling, we ensure the safety of the vaccines to its destination.


Photos : Prima Logistics Vaccines Shipment Project to Nigeria

Qualified and Certified

In addition to our global network support, we are also IATA members and Dangerous Goods certified which makes us qualified to handle vaccine shipments. Being certified means that we follow and comply with standard technical instructions for transporting vaccines. Vaccines are usually shipped with dry ice as a refrigerant, or a data logger and cargo tracking devices included in the package for monitoring purposes.

To summarize, our experienced team have all the qualifications necessary to handle the crucial and complex standard of vaccines transportation. To know more about our pharmaceuticals and vaccines transportation, please contact our representative.

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