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prima grahaWe are one of the oldest company but reliable in Indonesia for transport the goods,whether its export, import or dometiclly by the method of transport, in-land trucking, airlines or shipping lines. We have our hi-tech facilities and networks over 1500 cities around the world, our standard of operation always refer to ISO 9001/ 2008 version by SAI Global Australia, The Licenses for IATA, FIATA, PPJK ( Brokerage) , EDI, Bonded Warehouse, as many other licenses which need to move your shipments !

Over hundred of qualified staff which young aggressive and well trained are ready to serve you. With 37 years of excellence trade in forwarding, brokerage and logistics business, we assure ... you will not regret to choose us as one of your selective choice of transporting your goods. Just call us PRIMA CARGO or PRIMA LOGISTICS INDONESIA see us at Google or Yahoo search engine... and Enjoy our World Class Services!